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26 October 2008 @ 07:22 pm
What humans are capable of  
Something happened to me last week that compelled me to write an entry, which I am now finally getting a chance to do.

I live in Western Pennsylvania. Always have. It's interesting here. Depressing. The Representative from my district (Congressman Murtha) referred to us as racist rednecks. Unfortunately, it's true.

Hunting is HUGE here. I mean, a holiday. Kids get days off of school for it. I have to fill in at the Post Office because the OIC is taking the week off for hunting. It is a big deal.

Luckily, I have never been exposed to it firsthand. Nobody in my family was into it. I choose not to associate myself with people who are. I remember when I met one of Matts friends for the first time and he commented on my purple paw print badge on my winter coat (Animal Rescue Site) and we had a giant debate on animal cruelty. I never wanted to see this man again (and never did). It sickens me that people can find enjoyment in killing innocent animals, in taking their fragile lives. I always hated the argument that people need to hunt for food. We are not a hunting and gathering society. I hear all to often that hunting is the only way people can afford to eat. HELLO?! Is hunting free? No. The rifles and ammo are expensive. The stupid clothes are expensive. Preparing the animal to become food is expensive. For all people pay for one hunting season, they can make several trips to the grocery to buy food. Not to mention, it's not solely for food. What about when the mount the poor things head as a trophy? Disgusting.

The school district I teach in is particularly rural and lower class. I am there because I could not find work anywhere else. I was in for a sixth grade class. At the end of the day a little boy comes up to me with a photo and goes "Look Mrs. B, I killed a squirrel yesterday!" I turned my head away real quick so I didn't have to see, and told him to please not show me that. The child was disappointed and asked why, since he was so proud. I kindly explained to him that I do not believe in killing animals for my own pleasure and game, and I did not want to see his photo as it would only upset me. What do you do in a situation like this? I broke the childs heart by not caring about his prize, yet it broke my own heart to hear of this poor squirrel who had to die by the hand of a 12 year old (subject of 12 year olds with guns will be a future entry).

I never want to experience this again. Unfortunately, with deer season being upon us, I think this is only the beginning.

How are humans capable of such cruelty?