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26 October 2008 @ 07:38 pm
I am on a entry making frenzy today.

I've been running lately. Trying to shed about 30 lbs. I joined a gym. I run on the indoor track. My only friend is my green iPod nano. Engraved on the back is "Because We Must" That iPod is not only filled with my favorite songs, but some of my favorite memories.

I've been filling nostalgic. Every song on the shuffle brings me back to a time that just a memory now.
It makes me sad. I feel like lately I have not been making memories. I don't really have friends at the moment and it's difficult to make memories alone.

Bob Dylan's "Hurricane" brings me back to freshman year at IUP. I live in 626 Shafer Hall, a building which itself will soon be a mere memory. My desk was located next to the window. I had red curtains. In the nicer weather I tied the curtains back and let the window open. It was so hot in there. My window looked down over the "governors quad" courtyard. I would listen to that song all the time with those windows open and the sunlight coming in. I don't know why, but just hearing it brought me back to then. The only real memory is siting in my purple chair at the desk, IMing people from my Dell desktop, the red haze from the curtains casting red on my face, the wall. Life was so much simpler then.

The one thing I miss about Blairsville is the Italian Club. Just an old fashioned social club where the drinks are cheap and the same people sat around the same bar, in the same stools, drinking the same drinks. They played the same songs on the same cheap jukebox. When Matt was away (frequently) I would go down there just to be social. I would sip on Bacardi and Diet Coke and talk, sometimes just listen. The stool I always sat in was always close to the jukebox. People would hand me dollars to go play songs. The jukebox did not have a huge selection, and the same songs were always played. I would always play Fleetwood Mac's "Gypsy". Hearing that song puts me back in that stole, in that smoky bar, with my way to strong drink, with all those drunks. Was it the best company? Probably not. But is that company better than no company at all? Yes. It's like Cheers. Everyone knows your name. And your favorite drink.

In college, I had two best friends. Kristin and Big Dave. I was the only one with a drivers license. We would ride around in my Sunfire (RIP). We would always listen to music and sing. I remember the one time, we went to the bars uptown, and stopped at the ATM machine in the lobby of the First National Bank. For whatever reason, Kristin and I decided to break into song and sang a lovely rendition of "National Front Disco". The acoustics were great. I am sure we are on the security camera. Anyone who saw us and heard us probably thought we were the biggest fools on earth, but it was fun to be so carefree and immature. I ran a bit faster when that song came on. I had to celebrate the memory of having little cares and just being able to belt out a song, no matter how foolish we appeared.

"In the jukebox of her memory, the list of names slip by and stops. She closes her eyes, and smiles as the record drops." -the lovely Ani DiFranco