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27 October 2008 @ 11:12 am
A list of the CDs in my changer and why I love them  

My car has a six CD changer. I've noticed that usually the same CDs are always in it. I am at work, and was inspired to blog about the current cds in my changer and why they are in there. What better way to waste postal time, huh?


There's always at least one Morrissey or Smiths cd in my car. It's like essential to my well being. Lately "Viva Hate" has been the album of choice. It's a great "road" cd. The raw power in "Alsation Cousin" is fantastic as its into syncs with the starting of the engine. For the long, winding roads where I just want to be comtemplative "Maudlin Street" is ideal. It could cause me hazard though, because I may get a bit teary. It suits the moodiness that I has been hanging over my head lately. The best word to describe this cd is beautifully moody.


Imagine hearing the last notes of "Margaret on the Guillitone" and segueing directly into the horn intro of "Good People Who Love Bad News" but then feeling oddly at ease at the quiet intro to "The World At Large." Quite a transition. This album was the first taste I got of Modest Mouse. Matt was a fan before I was (I knew Float On, but nothing else. Little did I know the BEST stuff came out way before Float On) and the first time I heard it, I was mezmerized by the first full track of the album. After listening to the entire thing, I fell in love with the almost quirky quality of it. I love the banjos, mandolins, horn sections, and Isaac Brock's comededic howling. This is my "fun" cd. The one I will turn up loud and belt the songs out along with the music. This is the cd that makes me wish I had the talent to play the Banjo (LOVE Bukowski and Satin in a Coffin).

SLOT THREE: Deathcab for Cutie-"Narrow Stairs"

Deathcab is just one of those bands....you are almost embarassed to admit you love them (you're not a scene kid, emo, or 16), but yet you are strangely drawn to them and manage to develop a heavy attachment to the mopey group. "Transatlanticm", to me, was epic, just for it's use in the final episodes of "Six Feet Under." It was their album "Plans" though that evolved me into a Deathcab fan. However, "Narrow Stairs" is the best thing they have done. Period. The whole album just flows. From the unexpected edginess of the first track to the 5 minute long intro to "I will Posses Your Heart." My favorites though are "Cath" and "Twin Sized Bed." SO Mopey yet SO fabulous.

SLOT FOUR: Tori Amos-"American Doll Posse"

This is a unqiue selection, espcially after you see what Slot Five is. I've always loved Tori. But even her biggest fans admit that her more recent albums haven't fully delivered. When she showed up on some late night show, in an obnoxious straight red wig with a wide fringe to perform the first single off of Doll Posse "Bouncing off Clouds" I fell strangely in love. The concept of this album is odd. There are five "dolls", based off of Greek goddesses, all with their own "look" and "personality", all played by Tori. The dolls all have their own tracks. I'm not smart enough to tell by listening which "doll" is "singing" which song, but it's still an interesting idea. This album is filled with many gems such as "Code Red" "Teenage Hustling" "Girl Disapeering" "Beauty of Speed" and "Darkside of the Sun" that I truly feel are amongst her best. I also find myself skipping such wasteful "half" tracks like "Fat Slut" and "Velvet Revoluion." The song has 23 tracks though, so skipping a few here and there does not make the album any less worthwhile.


"Little Earthquakes" is one of the most important albums of my time, IMO. It told every sad, lost and vulnerable teenage girls tale. "Precious Things" is just...epic. This is one album I never tire of. Every time I hear it, it makes me want to cry my eyes out, for she tells such tragic and true stories, yet it is oddly heartwarming.


Finally, the last slot. This took HOURS. (I am at work, so there was work like interuptions, but it was exhausting!). You know? I almost didn't buy this album. I loved the last one and I loved the idea of Johnny Marr contributing to the guitar section, but the songs they released on myspace did not appeal to me. I did finally buy it on a whim. I hated it. I just could not get into it. Not one bit. After about three listens, I began to love it. I attended a concert in June, and it sealed the deal. I became attached. I LOVE every single song on this album. It hasn't left my cd player since I purchased it. How I couldn't stand it at first is utterly baffling as it is now one of my favorites.

Stephanietoetappinbeat on October 28th, 2008 12:47 am (UTC)
I love the name of that Modest Mouse CD. lol